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Julie's Domestic Violence Story

Julie's domestic violence story comes from a very brave woman, who despite still being a current victim of abuse, still thinks and cares enough about other domestic abuse victims to want to tell her story and warn them.

I currently am still in my violent relationship - I am still a current abuse victim.

I'd like to share my domestic violence story. To hopefully help some one realize it's never okay.

Somehow violence and abuse is all I've really ever known ... . A lot of my childhood memories consist of my father beating up my mom. I remember us running away into the pitch black night, trying to escape from the monster at home. I can still hear my pleas as a child to my father to stop. I can still feel the pain.

I always said it would never happen to me. I was sure that it couldn't! I was strong and determined to never live through that again. But despite all my convictions and determinations, it still happened.

In one instant he took all that away. I met him when I was 15 years old. I never really knew what happiness was and I thought that I had found that happiness in and with him. He knew of my past struggles. He knew that I was raised in terrible poverty, that I was sexually abused, and rejected by my father.

The first year of our relationship met all my expectations of happiness. I was in love. Deeply in love. Little could I have guessed that my own personal domestic violence story was about to start ...

At 16 I learned I was pregnant with a little girl. It was during my pregnancy that the abuse began, both emotional and physical. With no warning signs he would smack me, pull my hair, spit at me and just break me down emotionally with his cruel words.

Two years later I was pregnant again. He didn't attend my second daughter's birth. He didn't want to.

He kept me isolated, basically I was a prisoner in my own home. No family. No friends. No support.

And then, only four months later I was pregnant again. This time with fraternal twin boys. I was made to sleep on the floor. I was raped continuously, called a whore - all types of terrible names. I was given black eyes, busted lips, a broken noses, bruises all over my body. I had been hit with belts, cable wires, hangers, sticks, knifes, you name it, chances are I was hit with it. On one occasion I landed in the ER because he pushed me off a second floor. I had surgery and returned home to the same abuse ... .

The things he says still linger in my head.

I live in fear.
I'm so afraid.
Love shouldn't hurt.
Love should set you free.

~ Julie

"The Sweet Corruption of Innocence" from Ethan Glover on Vimeo.

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Would you like to leave Julie a message or share your experiences with her? She is isolated at home, in an abusive and violent relationship and very young children to look after. Let her know YOU care about her and her children!

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Sorry for this but i want to make this change. Reading through everything you have gone through and continue to go through, I am determined to help make …

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I know the feeling. Not rated yet
Hello Julie, My name is krystal, I am 20 years old, with two wonderful little boys, one is four about to be five, one is almost two months. A year ago …

Hi Julie - I want to give you a gift Not rated yet
Hi Julie, I really hope this message reaches you. I’ve read the comments and you seem to have gotten better which is outstanding news! My name is Ethan, …

the love for your kids is stronger than anything  Not rated yet
I know leaving might not be easy, but just as you remember your father beating your mom don't let that be the memory that your daughters and sons have! …

Someone to reach out to? Not rated yet
Hi Julie. My name is Seher. I'm married with 2 kids, they're the world to me. I'm so sorry for what you're going through. If you need someone to talk to, …

Domesticide Not rated yet
I went out with a man I knew was danger, but I thought I could handle it. Rebellion is my middle name and there was a lot going on that I wanted to escape …

hello this is julie Not rated yet
Hello this is Julie with a bit of an update for all of you who have so kindly been supporting me with your messages. :) I've found my inner strength! …

Update from Julie Not rated yet
Just a quick update from Julie. All is well as can be. At least I'm still alive. I'm still in the same situation. Going to make a run from it soon. …

Thank you all guys Not rated yet
I just want to thank all you guys for your encouraging post and support. I'm still fighting to live, to break this cycle, to be a survivor and no longer …

September 23rd Not rated yet
September 23rd 2014 is and will always be etched in my mind, following me like a bad smell. I'd been with my boyfriend about a year when we went out …

Get out for the sake of your children Not rated yet
Dear Julie. Please get out for the sake of you and your children. You and children deserve much more than this. I am Domestic violence survivor and …

GET OUT! Not rated yet
Julie. Please. Just GET OUT of that abusive relationship. GET OUT and get away as far as you can. I too was a victim for 25yrs before I got help …

Keep a diary to gather evidence Not rated yet
I was in a similar relationship but not as brutal.... I hope you are keeping a diary to gather evidence? That is the most powerful advice I can give …

Get out. Get out now! Not rated yet
Get out before he kills you. Please. For your children's sake. Get out. I am currently in an abusive relationship with a three year old son. A two …

Strength and courage Not rated yet
Hi Julie, my name is Lisa and I am in the same situation as you. Just 2 hours ago I was frightened for my life at 3am in the morning. He came here to …

Strength and courage Not rated yet
Hi Julie, my name is Lisa and I am also looking for strength and courage, as I am in the same situation as you - looking for strength and courage to get …

Remember you are a good person Not rated yet
I am so sorry for what you are going through. If you bring up your children in the same home with the abuser, then your children could be just like …

You are stronger than you think Not rated yet
Hi Julie, My name is Vanessa and I reside in South Africa. I just want you to know that you are stronger than you think! I have two young boys, ages …

Julie, please reach out for help.... Not rated yet
Hi Julie, please reach out for some help. You're not alone. Your story touched me, and I wish I could be there for you. There is a lot of information …

Don't be afraid Not rated yet
Honey, This is not acceptable. You need to leave - you need to find a way when he is gone and get you and those kids out of there. You do not deserve …

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Don't be afraid Not rated yet
Honey, This is not acceptable. Please don't be afraid of the consequences of leaving, as there are agencies and organisations and the police who can help …

Be Strong Not rated yet
I too had a childhood like yours. I met my husband at 22 and as soon as we moved out to another state and married everything went down the drain. …

corine Not rated yet
Dear Julie, You are not alone. I understand your fear, hurt, and pain. Just know that there is hope and help out there for you. I'm sure you have a …

Fifteen years ago I left my abuser Not rated yet
Fifteen years ago I left my abuser, but that was not the beginning of the story! Like so many other stories of abuse mine starts in the home as well, …

love begins with you Not rated yet
You are lovely n special and you shouldn't let anyone treat you like a doormat. I'm an abuse survivor with two kids, but I got out. By staying you …

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