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Considering how much content there is on Hidden Hurt, it is sometimes easy to overlook some of the excellent domestic violence articles it contains.

Here then is a complete list of all the domestic violence articles contained in the various sections of Hidden Hurt, which cover many, many aspects, from an overview of domestic violence and the relationship between how alcohol affects abusive behaviour, to the treatment of pets. From questions regarding whether we really are victims of abuse to what the difference is between a victim and a survivor. There are articles on keeping safe while still in an abusive relationship, and also on safety planning to escape, and countless articles to help us recover from the emotional and spiritual damage done to us when suffering domestic violence.

We hope you find the domestic violence articles below helpful in trying to understand what is happening to yourself, your family member or friends. Please do let us know if you would like to see another subject covered, or if you have any other comments.

Domestic Violence Articles previously on Rhiannon3 - the US DV site

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Types of Abuse

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UK National Domestic Violence Freephone number 0808 2000 247

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