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Domestic Violence Poetry

On this page you can find a selection of Domestic Violence Poetry and Prose either by Survivors of domestic abuse on their experiences or on their feelings. There are also poems of joy having found freedom again, on being able to appreciate the warm sun and the blue sky, but also poetry by children who witnessed domestic violence growing up.

Further down the page you will find Open Letter: to former abusers, about the experiences of abuse and about the effects of being an abuse victim.

If you have a poem or anything else you have written to share with us, please email me. Thank you.

Domestic Violence Poems 1 - including:

Learned Helplessness
He comes, seeking veni vidi vici
Stopping the War
A Lie
The Seed
Standing Tall
Please don't put me in this box ...
If I cry alone
Epitaph to a Marriage
We open our hearts so freely
I can say No
False Affirmations
We hide in Silence
Lessons from a walk in the dark
Like a bird
2 o'clock
No Happy Ending
Deadly Storm
What a Lad!
A Childhood Lost
At the top of the stairs
I can't

Rape of the Soul - opens as a PDF file!


You can now also download some of the poems submitted to Hidden Hurt to your Kindle! Read the thoughts and feelings of other victims and survivors and give your little bit to help support Hidden Hurt.

In The UK: Hidden Hurt Survivor Poetry I (Hidden Hurt Series)

In the US: Hidden Hurt Survivor Poetry I (Hidden Hurt Series)

Domestic Violence Poems 2 - including

Because I can
Someone listen to me please
Wedding Night
God Told Me To Punish You
No More - An Ode to Richard
Thank You
The Hands that made the Weapon
Night and day
Who would have thought?
Look closer and you will see
Courageous Woman
Just look at me now!
My Boy Wants To Stab Me
A Journey I Walk
The monster you never seen
Like You
You see me every day

Have you got a story to tell? A poem to share or feelings you have put to paper?
Please do send it to us! Simply write it down in whatever format suits you best and send it by email to contact@hiddenhurt.co.uk (this is not a live link to avoid excessive spam). We look forward to hearing from you!

Please also note that unless otherwise specified, any poem, story or other writing for publication on Hidden Hurt may also be reproduced in Kindle e-book format or hard copy at some stage.

Domestic Violence Poems 3 - including

Hurt No More
The Circus
For my unborn son
Through the eyes of my abuser
C*nt is not my name
Stay With Me

Open Letter from Surivors of Domestic Violence

Dear You - An Open Letter to her Abuser from a Survivor who managed to leave her abusive relationship and looks back at all the emotional abuse and lies.
Breaking Abuse Cycle - Thinking back over her life, one abuse victim considers what is needed to for breaking abuse cycles in dysfunctional abusive families. These are her thoughts and experiences.
Letter to the Past - A letter to the past written by the grown up woman to her mother who chose to stay in an abusive relationship, showing what could have been avoided had the mother chosen to leave the abusive relationship when the children were still young.
Open Letter to her Abuser - A surivor of domestic abuse describes how her experiences have completely changed her perspective of the world, a world which once seemed safe.
Recovering from Marital Rape: a Personal Journey - "It was three years since I had last been assaulted, I had gone over and over everything, knew all the facts and stats and jargon. I thought I had worked through it and largely 'got over it', and yet this experience made me realise that in actual fact I had not really healed at all, was nowhere near 'over it'."

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Maya Angelou - best known for "I know why the Caged Bird Sings" is a wonderful woman and an inspiration. Her books and poems are like sweet melodies that flow through your head. She writes words of wisdom and truth and gives hope, encouragement and strength to all women everywhere. If you need to fill up your spiritual and emotional well, read this book:

To order in the US: And Still I Rise

To order in the UK: And Still I Rise

Life after getting out of an abusive relationship often continues to be a struggle, and It's My Life Now offers guidance to overcoming common pitfalls, blending worksheets with insights on self exploration and ongoing growth. From handling feels of loss and guilt to overcoming feelings associated with having loved an abuser, this book continues to offer invaluable lessons and be a real source of help and strength:

To order in the US: It's My Life Now: Starting Over After an Abusive Relationship or Domestic Violence, 2nd Edition

To order in the UK: It's My Life Now

UK National Domestic Violence Freephone number 0808 2000 247


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