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The first thing anyone wants to know when doing research on domestic violence are the statistics (how may domestic violence events are there per day/week/month/year), are the victims or perpetrators from different social classes, are they poor, rich, middling: what is their ethnic origin? And so many more pointless questions. Pointless that is, because in all its trying to tag down the 'perfect abuser' and the 'perfect victim', we risk losing sight of the individual caught in and desperately trying to make sense of the situation they are in, namely that of being in an abusive relationship which might cost them their sanity, their home, their metal stability and health, and in some cases, even their life or that of their children.

Anyway, after being hassled for figures and domestic violence statistics, I have succumbed and presented you with those I consider (following close looks at their research methods - and funding!), the domestic violence statistics I found most likely to be as close to accurate as possible. Read here for the Domestic Violence Statistics. (And please don't blame me if you don't like them or they don't fit with the dissertation you were hoping to write.)

Research on Hidden Hurt

At Hidden Hurt we try to collate our own research too, in the form of questionnaires and feedback forms. This helps us twofold:

1. To build up a picture of the visitors to Hidden Hurt, their experiences and needs and to give you an opportunity of telling us which issues are important to you and what you would like more information on.

2. To gain a better picture of the Reality of domestic violence directly from those who are experiencing it. Sometimes this research is commissioned by students or researchers - in which case we always ensure that your data is treated anonymously and only for the purpose for which it was designed - and sometimes the research is to enable us to provide better and more complete information on Hidden Hurt directly.

Current Research Questionnaires include:

1. Domestic Violence Questionnaire

2. Domestic Violence and Stalking

At no point is any of the information gained from the questionnaires passed on to third parties directly, though some of the research results might be passed on to students or researchers in the fields of domestic violence, gender or social studies.

Sometimes we are asked to host a link to other research projects being carried out by reputable organisations, usually Universities. These links are then included on Hidden Hurt for the duration of the study.

If you would like your research questionnaire included on Hidden Hurt, or would like a link to your research placed on the site, please contact us.

Recommended Reading for Students

We are also in the process of compiling a list of good quality research material in the form of books and internet links for the sake of those students trying to learn about domestic violence issues. This is an on-going project, and more links and books will be added as and when we come across them. (coming soon!)

Students please note: Due to the amount of correspondence which we receive at Hidden Hurt, it is very rare that we will be in a position to personally answer any emails you send. However, you can always try sending us your questions, and if we have the time, we will do our best to answer your queries as best as possible.

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Recommended Reading:

Armed with the latest research in the field, Intimate Violence in Families explodes many of the conventional myths and controversies hindering understanding of family violence, and replaces them with the most current knowledge available. While focusing largely on physical abuse, the book also examines data on sexual abuse, emotional and psychological abuse, neglect and other forms of intimate victimization. Gelles discusses theories of intimate violence and contributing social factors, and explores major controversies in the study and treatment of family and intimate violence. Abuse occurring in all types of family relationships are covered: partners; children; siblings; parents; the elderly; and gay and lesbian couples. If you are serious about studying domestic and family violence, this is the book you need to read:

To order in the US: Intimate Violence in Families

To order in the UK: Intimate Violence in Families

Researched and written by Dobash and Dobash. An interdisciplinary focus on issues that affect community and state responses to domestic violence, includes: individual accounts, and incorporates themes related to authority, sexual proprietariness, asymmetry of violence, socialization, patterns and deviations of victims and offenders, and social and cultural contexts. Classic domestic violence research:

To order in the US: Rethinking Violence against Women (SAGE Series on Violence against Women)

To order in the UK: Rethinking Violence against Women (SAGE Series on Violence against Women)

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UK National Domestic Violence Freephone number 0808 2000 247

This book is no longer published, but if you are able to get hold of a copy, it is well worth the read. First published in Australia in 1999, it assesses the state of play with sexual and domestic violence; examines the effectiveness of services in the context of both Australian and international law and policy; looks at innovative developments in practice and research, and outlines strategies which are proving successful in supporting victims and addressing offenders' accountability and responsibility. Very informative:

To order in the US: Challenging Silence: Innovative Responses to Sexual & Domestic Violence (Studies in Society)

To order in the UK: Challenging Silence: Innovative Responses to Sexual and Domestic Violence (Studies in Society)

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