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Domestic Violence Poems 2

Domestic violence poems about their experiences of and feelings about abusive relationships by survivors of domestic violence and abuse, and the Joy of finally being free of abuse!

Because I can
Wedding Night
God Told Me To Punish You
No More - An Ode to Richard
Thank You
The Hands that made the Weapon
Night and day
Who would have thought?
Look closer and you will see
Courageous Woman
Just look at me now!
My Boy Wants To Stab Me
A Journey I Walk
The monster you never seen
Like You
You see me every day

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Because I can

To my Husband

Why did you hurt me?

When you promised to love me!

What did I do to deserve the pain you gave me?

You promised to honor and cherish me!

Every punch, kick was like a stone shattering glass

Chips of my love for you, falling away with every strike!

You said you did it "because you could"

Why didn't we have a normal relationship?

Rather than you controlling me all the time

I gave you my all, my everything

In return you would slap, punch, kick, rape or threaten to kill me!

Why? I asked you?

You said "Because you Could"

You would say "It was all my fault"

I annoyed you therefore I should take the consequences

Why did you do that

"Because you could"

You held a knife to my throat and laugh

Why? Because you could

You would rape and bugger me

Why? Because you could

You would call me a whore, bitch, liar and fat

This isn't love!

Why did I stay so long?

Because you controlled my every move

I fled from you in fear of you,

I thought I couldn't cope without you

I was so wrong but to start with

I had no home, no where to go, no money, no clothes, nothing

All I had was 5 cigarettes and the clothes on my back

I was scared of you and didn't know what to do

Then I met people who helped me greatly

They believed in me and gave me some confidence

I can't thank them enough for my giving me life again

Women's Aid, Lawyer, Police, Housing Support

lots of other kind people

I now have a future to look forward too

I now have a home, a little money, some clothes and HOPE

A better life, a life without fear or intimidation

No more walking on egg shells

Or awaiting the next beating or rape

I will never forget you but all for the wrong reasons

you left me with scars – emotional and physical

I now have complete control of my life

I can only thank the people who have helped me

Without them I would not be here

I would be six feet under

BECAUSE I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Each day I'd cry
I wanted to die

For me it was plain
I couldn't live with the shame

How you did gloat
With your hands round my throat

And with a twist
You put the knife to my wrist

Forced in bed
Fuck up and take it you said

My child filled with fear
With that drunken leer

You watched her undress
Onto her friend you did press

We left you bruised
Frightened and confused

My mind started to fester
When you had sex with your sister

In the wounds you rubbed salt
You said it was my fault

I had rejected
Blaming me you had perfected

So much pain
Never to be the same
Just broken


Wedding Night

My wedding night,
What a fright.
All he wanted to do was fight.

"I'm not in love with you," he said.
Last thing I want to do
Is take you to bed.

"I'd divorce you now
But it's too soon.
I'll just keep you around
And make you swoon.

"I'll pull out your fingernails
And chop off your big toe.
No one will ever know.
And if you say otherwise
I'll tell everyone
You're full of lies.

"They'll believe me
For it's plain to see
That you're the crazy
Here, not me.

"Still I'm stuck.
My fault for being a sitting duck
For a witch like you
Whose evil charms
Lured me into her smelly arms.

"In this marriage I'll never stay.
I'll wait a year or two
That's what I'll do.

"No, I'll need more time than that.
First you'll have some brats.
Then after that
I'll slowly grind you to the ground
Until one day you're no longer around.

"I'll keep the all the money for me
And take away your keys.
Then lock you in the house
Where you'll creep like a mouse
Scared to death of me.

"Yes, yes that's how it'll be.
How clever of me!

"I feel better now
Because I have something to look forward to
... Torturing you.
Hah! Maybe I should start right now.
How about I set fire to your hair?
That pretty hair that makes men stare.

"You slut! You strumpet!
I'm not your puppet.
I'm your master.
You're my slave.
And you'll rue the day
You seduced me with your lies.

"I'm going to bed now.
But I need a drink or
I won't sleep a wink
Wondering what you'll do
While I'm asleep.
Will you kill me
Or will you just go insane?

"How about a headline like this:
'Bride loses mind.
Commits suicide
On wedding night.'

"Think about it.
It might be better than me
Murdering you, which, of course,
I'd never do.

"So goodnight, my sweet.
I'm going to sleep.
I better not hear a peep
Out of you.
If you wake me up
No telling what I'll do.
Maybe I'll cut
Your clit in two.
Ha! Ha! Ha!"

I ran into the bathroom
And locked the door
And spent the night
On the cold bathroom floor.

The next morning
He apologized so tenderly
I almost believed
He hadn't meant
What he had said to me.

It was the stress of the wedding
Said he,
"You ruined my wedding day.
So I had to make you pay.
But darling dear
Be of good cheer
I didn't mean those things
I said last night.

"Come on, honey bunny,
Open the door.
Come on, you can't be
That scared of me."

I didn't know what to do.
If I opened the door
Who knew what gore
He had in store.
But neither could I stay in a bathroom

Yet when I tried to move towards the door
My feet felt glued to the floor.
So sure was I
That I was going to die
I prayed to God to forgive my sins
For this battle with this man
I could never win.

Then he threatened to kick in the door
And bash my head against the toilet bowl.

Maybe if I opened the door and
Smiled at him for a while
When he turned his back
I could grab my purse and flee.

"Don't try to get away," he said with glee.
"I locked everything in your suitcase
And I have the key.
Now sit down and talk with me."

I sat, but my mouth couldn't move.
So it was he who talked for a long time
About how our marriage would be so divine
And he promised repeatedly
To never again be mean to me.

I didn't believe him.
But where could I go?
I was only eighteen years old.
I had no money.
I had no car.
And without any clothes
I couldn't go far.

The next few weeks
He wooed me with wine and song.
I took heart
Maybe nothing was really wrong.
Maybe the wedding night
Was just an apparition.

Little did I know
It would become an almost permanent condition.


God Told Me To Punish You

I have refined you in the furnace of affliction. Isa. 48:10

"God told me to punish you for all the bad things you do."

His face was so red I wished I was dead. Then he called our son a "retard" then twisted his arm.

"Stop loving your Mommy. You can only love me.
See those purple bruises on her arm, she does that to herself when you're not around.
Let's leave her alone to moan and groan and pray.
She rather pray to her stupid God than play with you.
Hey, that deserves another beating, wouldn't you say?"

"And while we're gone today, Mommy, read this Christian tract.
That Saint Paul, he knew where it was at.
'Wives submit to your husbands.' 'A husband's wrath is the chastisement of the Lord.'
It says it right here. Read it yourself, my darling dear."

Love never fails. 1 Cor. 13:8

"Accept your cross with grace. Fall upon your face.
Ask God to forgive you," the preacher said.
"Then get on your knees and beg your husband to forgive you too.
"That's what you should do if you want to him to act better towards you."
Others said the same thing too.

But counting my sins didn't help me win.
Yet I just kept counting my sins some more and kept on falling to the floor,
Begging Christ to rid me of my demons so I could be a good Christian wife.

The stories - too many to tell.
Like putting the baby in the tub, singing rub-a-dub-dub,
Letting the water run high, then locking the door.

"He's only three. If you have to hurt someone. Hurt me!"
"Shut up, you Christian slut.
Do as I say or you'll make me drown the child today.
Sign those papers on the kitchen table.
That way I'll be able to have all our loot when you finally fly the coop.";

As my son began to cry, I looked up to the sky hoping an angel might fly by.

"Hurry up, sign those papers, or I'll drown the kid and tell the cops you did it.
And when they come to take you,
I'll tell them to rape you 'till your vagina turns into blood.
I'll be there to watch."

"God's punishment my dear, but have no fear. Then you'll be pure.
'Rejoice in suffering.' 'Blessed are the weak.'
Isn't that what they teach in that Bible of yours,
Which, by the way, I've thrown away."

Yet I stayed, hoping if I prayed in just the right way he'd change.
But he only got worse.

But I am not the person for a job like that, Moses exclaimed.
Then God told him. Fear not, I will certainly be with you. Exod. 3: 11-12

"My daughter, it's time to flee. Staying in this marriage brings no honor to me."

"But, God, I'm too weak. Sometimes I can barely move or think.
I have no money and no one to turn to."

"I know you're weak," said He. "Just follow me. Follow me."

Into the car I ran, son in hand, with no idea where to go.
Friends from church with promises galore now shut their doors.
"Who knows what he might he do if he knew we were helping you?"

"Where are we going, Mommy?"

"I don't know."

"Then let's go home, Mama. I'm getting cold."

For a minute, I considered the idea. "No. God wants your mommy to be free."

I put my foot on the gas pedal and headed for the highway.



I was stuck in a place of pain, torment and no end.
There was no way out, only a black hole without an end,
when was it my time to end, that's all I could think about
why was it me in this awful place, ruby red slippers I wish were in reach
I was harmed in a way I can never forget, fearing every day was the only thing in my way
your mind, your dignity completely destructed by someone you once trusted.
your words had no meaning in his eyes, all he ever did was make you cry.
my children were subjected to such Missouri I tried not to allow, but you've never heard him yell
once I left, that was the biggest mistake I made, it pissed him off in more ways, and I was always the blame
I tried to fight back, I never had a chance, his power was so strong, I was used to the attack
I've endured enough, I was strong this day, I took a knife and cut my way out...


No More - An Ode to Richard

No more reasoning with you
No more walking on egg shells
No more sitting on the edge of my seat
No more huddled in the corner apprehensively
No more sobbing my heart out
No more putting on a brave face
No more fearing what mood you were in
No more money (because you stole it all)
No more possessions (because you will not return them)
No more crying out for help in frightened whispers
No more of your family turning a blind eye
No more watching what I have to say
No more teasing me with your fists
No more of your plausible lies
No more presuming the Law would come to the rescue
No more threats
No more being at the receiving end of your substance abuse
No more feeling nauseous deep within my soul
No more my Best Friend (Were you ever?)
No more praying for your family to shake some sense into you
No more having my love squandered
No more mistreatment of my Mother's kindness and generosity
No more featuring last on your list of priorities
No more feigning fatherhood
No more robbing me blind, for did I not give, give and give?
No more trusting you
No more excuses
No more cruel mind games
No more exploitation of my painful past
No more playing on my vulnerabilities
No more vulgar accusations
No more clutching my pregnant bulge and praying for a miracle
No more hiding behind false smiles
No more intimidation
No more being stabbed in the back
No more my Newborn staring at her tear-stained Mother
No more bullying (aren't you brave picking on defenceless women!)
No more broken promises
No more being taken advantage of
No more forgiveness
No more fighting for 'our' family
No more pleas (only to fall on deaf ears)
No more listening to your deranged accusations
No more staring the enemy in the face
No more manipulation of all those around
No more unwarranted aggression
No more yielding to your crocodile tears
No more shock, regret, disbelief and anguish, beyond anyone's imagination...

No more Fear
No more Nightmares
No more Heartache
No more Tortured thoughts.............................................................one day.


Thank You

You wooed me with poetry
I bit on the hook
Had I only first read
The name of the book

I would have avoided
The very first page
For pages kept turning
Revealing the rage

The ups were a great high
The ride was a bash
But I rode with my eyes closed
To avoid seeing the crash

I knew it would come soon
But I never knew when
The rage and the leaving
And the path to the end

You had to control things
Determined you would
Emotionally destroying me
Every way that you could

Belittling my life
I did nothing your way
But how gently you showed me
That I was astray

You tore me to pieces
'Til tears I did cry
And then you would rescue me
"So sorry am I"

You did what you wanted
And stayed out all night
But dare I do question
Without starting a fight

You gave me your burdens
A gift of misery
You gave me your burdens
And then blamed them on me

I didn't deserve them
For I have no blame
Another attempt
To bring me to shame

The secrets I kept
So no one would know
"He is a GREAT guy"
I put on a show

The anger, the fighting
Was worth it you see
For the highs of your love
Were blinding to me

I cried and I pleaded
In retrospect
How sad to have yearned for
More abuse and neglect

I never did get it
How sorry was me
I never did get it
Until I was free

And yes, I still love you
Despite the hatred you spew
For some weak reason
I will always love you

When you look up Sid
The light that you see
So flitting and free now
That light is me

Thank you for leaving. It was the greatest gift that you have ever given me.

‘Thank you to Hiddenhurt for providing Epping Forest District Council with an anonymous poem that was read out during a ceremony of remembrance for the 14 victims that lost their lives to domestic violence in Essex in the last 2 years’.


The Hands that made the Weapon

Magnificent strong an essence of armor,
his once loving hands now strive to harm her.

The house closes in getting smaller & smaller. It begins in an instant, his hands will alarm her.

As if it's a fitting desire for him,
he exudes entitlement at any given whim.

His hands are raised by his choice of course.
His pattern is clear as she now hears that voice.

What is the rhyme, what is the reason?
Is it reckless abandon sedition or treason?

Can she think through the panic?
Can she fight through fear?
His endeavor to harm her
is so very near.

He's quick and he's sure her neck's his allure as his goal is set into motion.

She tries to hang on as she can now see this danger that he calls devotion.

As no air goes in and none comes out
It's madness & horror as he slings her about.

She struggles, she fights it's the fight of her life, can't scream & can't breathe does she get a reprieve from the man who says she is MY wife?

She sees the sparks they fly in her eyes then darkness ascends like a thief in the night.

As she submits to her death her only request, is for Christ to be there beside her.

For her death begins right there in her home
did anyone know he'd not leave her alone?

For at work in her desk is a serious note.
One to convey to her friends and her folk.

The plight of the broken the battered and bruised
with nothing to gain and all to loose.

God forbid you prefer your hands as your weapon use them for love it's all your discretion.

How many nights and how many fights
How many missing or injured have died?

How many people with choice & aggression
Desire their hands be used for their weapon?

Of three of your friends it could be one or be two
As numbers compare it could even be you.

© COPYRIGHT 2010, Judy Bruton


Night and day

I lay awake as others sleep
For a moment I hold my breath
As for that moment I am not sure
What the darkness has in store
I wait in stillness just to be sure
It's not a night I've had before
For several years I had this fright
And that's why im not great at night
And when the pounding in my chest allows me to realise
There is nothing I now can hear
For lying next to me he is no more
But I still prefer the night to end
So I can see my beloved friend
As he sleeps beside me I feel all safe
My love I now know I can trust,
And for this I thank god im blessed
And know our angels look over us both
The morning comes I feel calm
For I know I have come to no harm
The years are passing and the daylight shines longer
For this I think proves my heart is stronger
And with this power I've been given I can assure
These things never happen again
Not just for me but for my kids
For they are my treasures I need to protect
So where I have failed in years gone by
I pledge I will do this till I die
With my partner by my side I know my life will only strive
So I thank the angels for lessons learnt
And the fate that brought me to Si
For now the brightness is starting to shine
I know that things of course will be fine
Each day is new and new memories are built
And with this I will lose my guilt
I will then know truly I have seen the last
Of the shadows of my past
The dark will no longer haunt me so ...
As I now know that god's love is true



She was so full of laughter and sunshine.
Enjoying the memories, the people, the adventures, they were all mine.
Life was difficult sometimes, but my faith in God always kept me strong.
I never knew, things and life could go so wrong.

With tears I looked you in the eyes,
My heart cried out to God, let this be a dream, let this not be real.
But he looked at me with such hate and listened to the lies,
That was being whispered in his ear.

How could you do this, how could you claim to love me,
How could you look me straight in the eyes, when committing this sin
And not feel a tear, a heartbeat, a whisper, not even a thing.
My tears rolled down inside my heart, it soon became like blood dripping out my heart. Slowly I felt life, flowing out of my body, soul and mind.
It left me with just a darkness surrounding me, God where are you?
Have you abandoned me?

I miss her deeply! I miss her laughs, her life, her tears, her innocence, her fears.
My heart aches for her, I pleaded and begged for her to come back, but no answer I would have loved to hear.
Maybe little by little, I can let her go. Maybe little by little it is time. What once was mine is not anymore. Your are gone for good, I hope that where ever you are, no one knows your name, no one knows your pain. Maybe when I let you free, you can fly and be truly free. So there you go, you're gone for good ...


Who would have thought?

Why do you lie? He screamed at me
Why can't you just let me be?
Why don't you see I'm doing it all for you?
Why isn't my tea ready to come home to?
Well the kids never play up for me!
I think it's because you're not a good Mum, maybe?
I want you to dress in what I say is nice
And it doesn't bother me that outside is covered in ice.

Come meet my family, but don't you dare speak
Or I'll make sure you can't show your face outside for a week
So I've bruised you face? Big god damn WOW
Go on, I dare you, what you gonna do now?
What was that? You're gonna get gone?
Hoping that by doing that I'd see I was wrong?
Sorry sweetheart I just don't care
But just to prove it to you, I think I'll burn your hair
What that you say, you're reporting me?
I will fool them baby, don't doubt me!

Now who will want you, all ugly and fat?
You're nothing but a stupid, useless bat
I know a way to make you stay
And make certain that you never go away
A swift kick here, and a punch or two there
I'm sorry, were you going somewhere?

For I am man, all big and strong
And you my woman, to me belong
You can try to run and hide away
But believe me, baby I'll be on you within the day

So she stayed and didn't speak a word
Remarks made by others she pretended she hadn't heard
Then one day she was no more
Her children found her body on the kitchen floor
All questioned why she would leave her children alone
Especially when she was part of such a loving home
It wasn't until they found her poems
Talking of a life that was in ruins
His façade, down it crashed
Just like a mirror, it all smashed
They saw him now in all his glory
A monster, a bully, all evil and gory
As he stood by her graveside, strong and stout
He protested his innocence with a scream and shout
But his children spoke the truth about what they saw
And said "we hope you rot behind that prison door".


Look closer and you will see

Let me show you my life, it's really not fair
I'm just a woman, all nails, make up & hair
I make myself pretty, for all to see
Because I don't want you to think ill of me
But you see behind my make up hides a secret that's dark
You see my face carries a lifetime of marks
It started not long after we met
The first time he uttered a cold, icy threat
Followed by the thud of his fist in my face
I think I must have forgotten my place
You see I chose an outfit that was not to his taste
And my punishment let me feel his disgrace
Soon after I got the "I'm sorry honey" speech
But it still felt like he had a lesson to teach
To put me in check, to correct my ways
And on most occasions my life went by in a daze
You see I can't remember all the details now
Not since the hammer hit just above my brow
He swore it was a mistake and wouldn't happen again
But it was just another day, another link in my chain
For you see, I am no longer, I am a dream
And all because nobody took notice of my scream
He hit me so hard that I didn't come round
And he just left me there, in a heap, on the ground
The neighbours they'd heard all the cries and commotion
And even saw him leave the house, he was described as ‘devoid of emotion'
You see he killed me that day because I wanted some air
My friends had always told me to beware
But now it's too late and I was too scared
Killed by the one whose life I had shared
He claimed I had fell, and he wasn't home
But in my hair they found bits of chrome
They found he's hurt another before
So now he's locked so he can't hurt anyone anymore
But for me it's too late, I should have left him
The hope is my story will help someone's life be less grim.


Courageous Woman

I see the truth behind those scars
The mask to hide your soul
With one word, you cut me to shreds
Your face cold
You left me for dead

You said it was all my fault
You said I had to change
Every action, every breath
Was criticised to death
You pulled me down to an inch of myself
You made me believe the lies
Till all my hopes all shrivelled up
Till all I knew was this
The pain, the chaos the endless turmoil

Dreams like shattered mirrors
Your words expose my nakedness
I tried to defend my very being
You held up your hand and silenced me

I tried to scream, bellow, curse
Nothing I did would get through to you
You were caught in a web of deceit and hate
Where you twisted words and actions
And took everything personally
Where you were right and the world was wrong
Where the world hated you so you owed it nothing

One day I broke away
I ran down the road in the opposite direction
The further I got
The clearer my mind
The less that I missed
All that was behind

I saw it was you
Little by little I remembered
Who I was
My dreams, my hopes
I realised that I still had a future
I would not die without your love

Love if you could call it that
More like hate
A suffocating dryness swallowing up my joy
Taking away the essence of me
Piercing deep within my soul

I am a woman, a woman
Beautiful and free
I have much to live for
Life is just beginning

I'm pushing down the walls you built
All the rules, the hurt the turmoil and pain
I'm not walking on egg shells
Ever again

I'm a woman, a woman true
With passions and desires
With a heart like a lioness
I protect my young and those I love
You would do well to remember my wrath
My righteous anger
For all you took from me

At the end of the day
It's you who has lost out
Out on life, love and hope

Come into the light
Leave your baggage
Leave those burdens
Enjoy the freedom
Find love, find peace,
Find joy for your soul
Find life again, life to the full


Just look at me now!

Just look at me now!

From wedding bells to egg shells
From soft words and smiles
To sadness and glares
To deceit and court trials

You can no longer suffocate me
With your financial ties
You can no longer murder me
Just by using your eyes

Can't you see I'm taller now?
Standing straight up
You can no longer put me down
I can hold myself up

You can live your life punishing me
You can even die trying
You are a perfect man you say
It is only you lying


My Boy Wants To Stab Me

My boy,
I will play basketball
But only after I roll my eyes
My hands will be in my pockets
My displeasure I won't disguise

Oh someone else's son,
I'd love to ... come on...
I'll laugh, joke, smile ...
High five!

My boy,
I'll teach you Chess myself!
I'll download you an app
Now buzz off and play it yourself!

Oh someone else's son,
I'll laugh and play
We'll swim in the sea,
Play with dead jelly fish
And thoroughly enjoy the day!

My boy,
My shoes and socks stay on
I don't like sand in my toes!

Oh someone else's son,
I laugh with him
He's the funniest boy I know!

My boy,
I look like I want to murder
I'm impatient and rarely smile
I smash down the bathroom door
Then retreat to my room for a while

If only my boy was someone else's son
I'd be a smashing dad
I would smile, be kind, have fun
And love him
And he wouldn't want to stab

When I remarry, I may gain a son
I have no problem to see
It's my childhood, my mum, my everything
But it is never me

I will step up to being a father when 'step' is in front of 'Dad'
My boy will still hate
My boy will still cry
My boy will still want to stab

But it's my boy who has the problem
I'm a perfect man
I have a tan and biceps
An account filled to the brim
But why does he want to stab me?
What is wrong with HIM?

It's my boy who has the problem!
It's his mum who needs the help!
But when they were looking for the problem
I was too busy texting to see
That the problem they were looking at

... was me!


A Journey I Walk

Caught in a world between yesterday and today,
Tomorrow never seeming to come.
Loneliness travels the wide expanse,
Always my companion, ever like a shadow.
I walk like a ghost through the pages of time,
Yet nothing can tell me what will be.
I ask for peace and yet it is slow to come.
So I will walk until the end of time.
I take with me all that I have done
And all that will be.
Behind in the dust I will leave hate to wither and die,
No revenge or malice to water its twisted vine.
I search for what is not there,
And I long for days of laughter.
Sometimes along my way I catch a strand of gold,
Its warmth glows in my hands.
I blow on it to make it grow.
And butterflies before me dance.
I hear the pages of my book rustle on the wind,
And I know it is time to move on.
I will close the door to what was,
And tears of sorrow will wash away the last of the dust.
Soon I will take a new road,
And where it goes is not for me to know.
I leave a trail of daisies with every step I take,
A symbol of hope for those who are lost.
You will know me by my trees.
Each with their own name.
They line the road upon which I walk.


The monster you never seen

Behind closed doors was the monster you never seen,
You were never there,
You didn't want to listen,
You didn't want to care,
You didn't want to believe,
There behind closed doors was a monster you never seen,
You didn't know the monster called me names,
You didn't know the monster made me feel ashamed,
You didn't hear the horrible things the monster yelled,
You didn't see the monster hurt me there,
There behind closed doors was a monster you never seen,
Every time you see the monster you see a smile,
The monster was so nice,
Gentle the monster was acting like he cared,
You only seen the outside,
Not knowing of the monsters bites.
I have been burnt inside from this monster for the rest of my life.
All because the monster wanted me to be in its life,
Behind closed doors was a monster you never seen.

I wrote this because of all the people who didn't believe that we were abused. Domestic violence and child abuse is so hidden in this world anymore that no one believes you. I was the victim but was treated like the abuser. I was told by people that they didn't want to hear it. I was talked about badly and called a liar. I know the truth and seen the monster with my own eyes. I didn't write this to make those people believe. I just wrote it to let off some steam. I have learned you cant control how people are. I learned to ignore them and move on with my life.


Like You

What if I committed suicide & I was just like you

I was told over & over that I was no good
A whore who will never be missed
or remembered,loved or kissed
nobody cares for women like me
I am treated like shit because I deserve no better

What if I committed suicide & I was just like you
with no way out
lots of help but for some reason
never could ask

don't do drugs or drown in a flask
I have a job, with kids & a house
it's just a story of someone I once knew
who got lost in a sea of sadness

What if I committed suicide & I was just like you
A strong woman once upon a time
before the threats, bruises & tears
A woman who can't let go
no matter how hard I try
it still hurts
no matter how hard I cry
would anyone ever know
how angry I really am inside?

What if I committed suicide & I was just like you
so happy, so loving
do not yell or lose my temper
so calm it's almost unreal
but it's like that because
I have made myself numb
so I don't have to feel

What would you do if you came across all of this?

What if I committed suicide & I was NOTHING like you
people would always wonder why
no one would ever know
it doesn't even matter
because I really wanted to die.



Someone to love me, someone to hug me
Someone to see me, someone to be with me
Someone who doesn't take from me
Someone who doesn't break me
Someone to respect me, someone to let me be
Someone who doesn't forsake me
Someone who doesn't close their eyes to me.

Someone who sees the good in me and who likes what they see.
Someone to make me whole again and build back strength in me.
Someone who doesn't crush me, reduce me or ignore me.
Someone to nurture me, someone to wait for me.
Who will that someone be? Is there a someone out there for me?

Even when there is nothing left of me, please God, let there someone be
Who takes me for what I am and who can see what is really me.
Someone to find a way to set me free and let me live again, not to hide away.
Someone who sees how down I am, and when all I know of myself is gone,
they find the pieces I need to carry on.
When you're lost to yourself and hidden from the rest of the world
there must be someone who sees what the rest can't see.
The person who once was me, hides in the person you have made me be.


You see me every day

You see me every day
You see that I am afraid to run away
You see the tears
And you see my fear
You see the control
It is as if he owns my soul
I am confused do you condone?
A beating a time or two
Till I am black and blue
I am the woman who always loses
But do you really see me?

You hear my screams
It should be a crime
The way you walk away
You hear my cries
You hear my accuses
For all the bruises
You hear my stories
When you give me the time
But do you really hear me?

Who will care, before it is too late?
I sit and wait
For someone to step in and rescue me
I find myself alone fallen to my knees
I find my courage, my strength within
A fight I refuse to lose, this time I shall win
I leave in the night
Full of fright
I thought I won
All was done
No more fear of what will come
How wrong I was

A knock on my door
Papers I receive
I fight in court for my kids it seems
If he receives custody what will happen to me?
The violence in his heart will never be undone
Maybe if I left sooner
Maybe if I watched each word I had said
he would not come to harm me as much
I believed all that he said to me
Every lie he told
Oh how cold
How cruel he could become
In an instant a different person I would come to see
I wished he would not take it all out on me

On rocky waters I tread
ashamed of the tears I shed
Ashamed of the woman I have become
Afraid to look at myself in the mirror
Afraid of what I might find
I did not know I could run,
He told me he would find me and all would be done
So I took whatever he dished out
I took the hits like I was a man
I was overran
I wished I would die
And just say goodbye
Ready to give up this battle
And let him win

I tried to shield my children from the rage he carried within
My mind and body is bruised and battered
Each of my dreams he shattered
No one understands me and my troubles
Unless you're a woman in the same life of horror
I thought it was over
My life soon to be better
I was wrong he is there watching every move I make
Waiting for me to make a mistake
The cops write it down in their books and turn and walk away
Not another word to say
But that they're tired of hearing the same thing
The courts seem not to care of the terror I felt
My death I know is soon to near
At his hands I fear

Will anyone care?
I need your help
A violent man is at my door
And won't disappear
Does anyone really see me?
Does anyone really hear me?
Does anyone really care about me?

I am a woman of abuse
I am the woman next door
I am the woman that called 911
I am the woman who is sitting next to you on the bus
I am the woman who served you lunch
I am the woman in line in the grocery store
I am the woman you ignore

Stop and look
Stop and listen
Stop and care
There are many of us out there
Waiting for you to step up and care


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Steve McCrea, MS, has worked for over 20 years with survivors of domestic abuse and their children. He has participated in many local collaboartive projects on domestic abuse, and has provided community trainings on working effectively with domestic abuse survivors. He currently works as an advocate for children in the foster care system. He has volunteered for the past 9 years as facilitator for an on-line abuse survivor community, whose members contributed most of the stories in the book.

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