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Let me first include a caveat: don't always trust domestic violence statistic, as they can be very missleading indeed. Some of the abuse statistics have even managed to come to the conclusion that there are more men terrified of being killed by their female partners than vice versa and that far from there being a very real issue with male to female abuse and violence, the actual facts (shown by warped statistics) point to the men being by far the most victims of the genders. While anyone who has worked with domestic abuse victims and survivors for many years knows, yes, there are male victims of abuse, and each and every one of these needs validation, support and help, but for each of these, there are countless mothers and children who literally flee for their lives for real fear of death from their parters or ex-partners.

So please, take any form of domestic violence statistic with a pinch of salt. They were not written in stone and are as fallable as the research questions asked.

After that tirade and warning, here are some of the domestic violence statistics which seem to be consistently researched and always with much the same response (and which, as someone who has spent many years working with domestic violence victims and survivors, ring true):

Home Office, 1999

  • Over 50% of women murdered are killed by their current or ex male partners.

Hampton et al., 1999

  • Over 50% of women murdered are killed by their current or ex male partners.

Schornstein, 1997

  • 25% of all women's suicides occur in the context of domestic violence.

Stanko et al., 1998

  • 1 in 4 women in violent relationships receive substantial injuries.

Campbell, 1998

  • 40% - 45% of abused women suffer forced sex (rape)
  • Women in violent relationships are likely to suffer more frequent and more severe violence during pregnancy with a greater risk of being severely injured.
  • Women with children are up to three times more likely to experience Domestic Violence than childless women.

Flitcraft & Frazier, 1979

  • Women in violent relationships are 4 times more likely to miscarry.

Stark & Flitcraft, 1996

  • Women who experience DV are 15 times more likely to have alcohol dependency and 9 times more likely to have a drug problem than women not experiencing domestic violence. Rates of misuse of both increase after the first violent episode.



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