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We hear a lot about domestic violence in the news. But soon it is overtaken by other news items. To a certain extent we have become accustomed to the news reports and barely give them a second thought once the day has passed. Here are a few just to remind us how prevalent domestic violence in the news is, taken from news articles between the end of Nobemver 2010 and the end of February 2011:


DVA survivor commits suicide (08/16/2016)










'Worrying' festive rise in domestic abuse in Scotland
Glasgow and West Scotland / 25 Feb 2011 … in domestic abuse incidents across Scotland over the festive period. Figures compiled by Scotland's Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) show 9,812 incidents…

Rape victims who retract claims face lower legal risk
UK / 10 Feb 2011

… aware that victims of domestic violence may sometimes retract true allegations as a result of pressure or fear of violence. And they should take…

Abuse survivor rebuilds her life
People & Places / 10 Feb 2011

… it she would be "six foot under".. Domestic abuse survivor rebuilds her life At least 1 in 4 women suffer domestic violence according to Women…

Man jailed indefinitely for killing partner in Chorley
Lancashire / 02 Feb 2011

Critchley, of Lancashire Police, said: "This is a tragic case where domestic violence has escalated and resulted in Deborah being killed. This…

Male victims of domestic violence
People & Places / 01 Feb 2011

Berkshire Women's Aid has reported it is supporting 100 male victims of domestic violence a year. A man who was raped and assaulted by his male…

Birmingham man jailed for murdering partner
Birmingham / 27 Jan 2011

… jealousy and possessiveness". She added: "We hope that this verdict sends out a clear and simple message to victims of domestic violence - do…

Bedford man jailed for domestic violence
Beds, Herts & Bucks / 14 Jan 2011

… a relationship with." He added: "You must learn that this is a totally unacceptable way to behave. "The level of violence is appalling and cowardly.".

Hidden male victims of domestic abuse
UK / 10 Jan 2011

… attached Many men find the decision to move to a refuge very difficult according to Matthew Bailey, an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor at…


'It was not worth losing family'
22 Dec 2010

Paul (not his real name) explains why he went on a programme aimed at combating domestic violence.

Domestic violence figures rising
People & Places / 21 Dec 2010

… being recorded in the county.. Domestic violence figures rising in Norfolk Domestic abuse reports have risen sharply in Norfolk Norfolk Police…

Domestic violence victim: Matilda from Norfolk
People & Places / 21 Dec 2010

A survivor of domestic abuse says help is at hand for victims in Norfolk. Matilda was sexually, physically and emotionally abused by her husband…

Axing provocation defence 'not sensible' - Lord Judge
Politics / 16 Dec 2010

New laws aimed at protecting female victims of domestic violence have come under fire from the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales. Lord Judge…

Family of murdered Maria Stubbings vow to fight on
UK / 07 Dec 2010

… assaulted her prior to killing her." Manuel and Celia have been working closely with the charity Refuge which helps victims of domestic violence.

Husband jailed for wife's 'chilling' machete murder
London / 03 Dec 2010

… lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service in London, said: "This is a horrific case of domestic violence, where an arrogant, jealous and manipulative…

PSNI deal with 24,482 domestic violence incidents
Northern Ireland / 01 Dec 2010

Maguire It found that all prosecutors had undertaken training on domestic violence and abuse cases and that domestic violence and abuse specialists…

Domestic violence calls increase in Jersey
Jersey / 26 Nov 2010

… violence in Jersey.. There has been a rise in the number of calls about domestic violence in Jersey. The Jersey women's refuge provides a confidential…

'My domestic violence protection order didn't work'
25 Nov 2010

Former Happy Mondays and X Factor singer Rowetta Satchell reacts to the government's new proposals to tackle domestic abuse.

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Researched and written by Dobash and Dobash. An interdisciplinary focus on issues that affect community and state responses to domestic violence, includes: individual accounts, and incorporates themes related to authority, sexual proprietariness, asymmetry of violence, socialization, patterns and deviations of victims and offenders, and social and cultural contexts. Classic domestic violence research:

To order in the US: Rethinking Violence against Women (SAGE Series on Violence against Women)

To order in the UK: Rethinking Violence against Women (SAGE Series on Violence against Women)

Armed with the latest research in the field, Intimate Violence in Families explodes many of the conventional myths and controversies hindering understanding of family violence, and replaces them with the most current knowledge available. While focusing largely on physical abuse, the book also examines data on sexual abuse, emotional and psychological abuse, neglect and other forms of intimate victimization. Gelles discusses theories of intimate violence and contributing social factors, and explores major controversies in the study and treatment of family and intimate violence. Abuse occurring in all types of family relationships are covered: partners; children; siblings; parents; the elderly; and gay and lesbian couples. If you are serious about studying domestic and family violence, this is the book you need to read:

To order in the US: Intimate Violence in Families

To order in the UK: Intimate Violence in Families

This book presents a wide range of issues pertaining to conflict and violence in close, personal relationships. It crosses disciplinary and national boundaries by presenting the work of scholars in psychology, family studies, anthropology, women's studies, sociology and legal philosophy who come from Denmark, France, Germany, Britain, Greece, Poland, Spain and The Netherlands to provide a range of geographical, cultural and historical backgrounds. An integrative framework to guide the reader is provided by an introduction that maps the main issues and methods, chapter prefaces that place each chapter within the framework and a final section in which commentaries by US researchers reflect upon the different perspectives presented:

To order in the US: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Family Violence

To order in the UK: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Family Violence

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UK National Domestic Violence Freephone number 0808 2000 247

Full of practical advice from someone with extensive experience in the field of domestic violence, this is strongly recommended for all collections. discusses the indicators of an abusive relationship; its effects on children and teens; substance abuse; how the workplace, medical, and religious communities can help; treatment programs for batterers; antiburnout tips for helpers; and advice on living underground. Frequently used as basic coursebook:

To order in the US: When Violence Begins at Home: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Ending Domestic Abuse

To order in the UK: WHEN VIOLENCE BEGINS AT HOME Fully Revised Second Edition: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Ending Domestic Abuse

This book is no longer published, but if you are able to get hold of a copy, it is well worth the read. First published in Australia in 1999, it assesses the state of play with sexual and domestic violence; examines the effectiveness of services in the context of both Australian and international law and policy; looks at innovative developments in practice and research, and outlines strategies which are proving successful in supporting victims and addressing offenders' accountability and responsibility. Very informative:

To order in the US: Challenging Silence: Innovative Responses to Sexual & Domestic Violence (Studies in Society)

To order in the UK: Challenging Silence: Innovative Responses to Sexual and Domestic Violence (Studies in Society)

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