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No contact is different than no response.

by Lanie
(North Dakota)

No Contact: when I finally realized my ex was an N was pivotal in my recovery. I still left openings at first for him to play games and please don't mistake no response for no contact.

No contact is different than no response. No contact means no way for him to contact you and you not looking at his social media or anything else related to him. Once I blocked all ways he had into my life and stopped looking at his social media, healing began. No response simply means leaving the lines of communication open but not responding to them,which means the abuser can still influence our minds.

In going completely No Contact, I took control, for a change and blocked him after his multiple block/unblock games but no directly contacting me. It was scary, but empowering and a way for me to get the bit of closure I needed.

Taking control by going true no contact was when I really started to see things for what they were and my true healing began.

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