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by Emma

After 2 years of violent and emotional/verbal abuse I finally got to breaking point - it wasn't planned, but when I broke down and finally told my mum what had been happening it was the first step to getting out of the situation.

Knowing how worried my family were gave me strength - just letting out what has been hanging over me was a release. I've never shared all the things that went on to this date, as part if me is ashamed for staying and allowing it to happen, but just opening up that first time made it all very real, and it was the beginning of making the change.

It took 6 months and every bit if strength I had - it still feels like a bad dream, how did I allow this to happen to me as a strong, independent person - but opening up and getting support, even just a hug from someone who cares can really change everything.

I still feel very confused by things and am starting counselling to try and make sense of what I have been through, and hope to get to the point where I can share everything I've been through without making allowances for him.

Baby steps.....

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UK National Domestic Violence Freephone number 0808 2000 247



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