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by sam

Doing the research on domestic violence and abusive relationship, and learning to recognise the warning signs: both for spotting a potential abuser and for recognising whether your previous abuser is changing or not.

After doing the research, and realising we are not at fault, it suddenly all makes sense. Just understanding how abusers think and feel and what they believe, and talking to others who have been through similar experiences. At some point the penny drops and we are able to see them for who they are/were. And doing the research into domestic abuse helps us to see what happened more clearly.

As much as it hurts inside to go through the research and realise just how taken in we have been, it is far better than the bruises on the outside!

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Life after getting out of an abusive relationship often continues to be a struggle, and It's My Life Now offers guidance to overcoming common pitfalls, blending worksheets with insights on self exploration and ongoing growth. From handling feels of loss and guilt to overcoming feelings associated with having loved an abuser, this book continues to offer invaluable lessons and be a real source of help and strength:

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UK National Domestic Violence Freephone number 0808 2000 247



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