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You Can Make extra cash Through the Centerpointe Affiliate Program


The way you make money is very simple:
  • We give you a banner to insert at various places on your Web site...ideally, in the top one-third of your Home Page, and on other appropriate pages.
  • You'll get $30 per sale to people who come through your site.1

IMPORTANT: Please take a moment to review our FAQ.

Banner Options: To get started earning cash for Awakening Prologue sales that were referred from one of your sites, simply choose one of the banner options below and post the custom code to your web site. You can choose to use either our text link option, or for greater impact, our flash banner option.

Banner Placement: You can put the banner anywhere you like on your site. We suggest putting it on the home page so it will maximize the return for you. If you have multiple sites and wish to put the banner on any or all of them, use the same HTML code for each banner.

HTML Coding: It is critical that you use the HTML provided exactly as it appears so that you are properly credited for your referrals.

Payment Schedule: To help make things a little more economical, checks will be mailed by the 10th of each month. Checks will be made payable in US dollars drawn on a US bank. You will also receive via email a notification of each sale that your site has generated.

Flash Banner Options: These are the most effective banners and really quite simple to implement as the banners themselves are hosted on our servers.
The wider banner requires 468 pixels by 60 pixels of real estate, while the smaller banner 120 pixels by 200 pixels of presentation space.

Cut and paste the HTML code found in the respective boxes labeled either 'Flash Banner Code Option 1' or 'Flash Banner Code Option 1' below.

Flash Banner Code Option 1:

Flash Banner Code Option 2:

Text Link Option: This option is best suited for recommending Holosync in a blog entry or a web-based article you have written. As text banners are seldom as effective as the more visually compelling Flash banners, we advise using our Flash banners where you can. To use a text-based link, cut and paste the HTML code found in the box labeled 'Text Link Code' below, and customize your message by replacing the text 'LINK TEXT HERE' with copy of your choosing.

Text Link Code:

Now, in case you're wondering if our program works, you might want to read these testimonials:
"You have helped me find my joy again. I have never experienced anything like this in all my years! Nothing even comes close to what these soundtracks have done for me."

—Rene Gonzalez, Friendswood, Texas

"I was a true skeptic from the start but all that has changed...I am convinced that using the soundtracks has dramatically changed the way I relate to life's opportunities and challenges. I can't believe how simple it is..."

—Patti Koss, Studio City, CA

"The program is excellent and I've used many different ones... your system has definitely given me the best results in the least time spent...I am glad, and grateful, to reap the fruits of your labor."

—Bob Anderson, San Diego, CA

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