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Marla Jo's Domestic Violence Story

After 20 years of silence Marla Jo's is finally ready to tell her Domestic violence story. Not just that, but to stand up as an advocate for ALL abused women all over the world. This is her domestic violence story and her plea to other victims to take action together:

Marla Jo Mason! After 20 yrs of being a survivor, I am coming out strong in 2015 to share my story to bring healing to my soul and to yours!

For 10 long years, I just wanted it to get better; I wanted it to stop! From 1985-1995, I lost who I wanted to be!

I divorced the father of my 2 boys due to domestic violence, my abuser 11-9-94! It only escalated! It almost stopped alright--my life almost stopped!

3-18-95, he left me for dead after violating a protective order entering my home!

In 1996, a 12 person jury let my abuser walk free finding him acting in self defense even though he was convicted by the same jury for violating the Protection Order, which means he shouldnot even have been there!

For years, I have struggled with feeling violated and with no justice, as I have read for years of that same pattern being followed with new victims of domestic violence! Heartbroken!

Never understood why God chose me to survive, yet never received the justice I felt I deserved! Thats just it: survival from God was Justice #1!

As I have struggled all these years, trying to find a peaceful place for me vs blaming myself for more victims of his abuse, God blessed me my 1st record deal, 16 years to the day of my survival of what left me for dead! 3-18-2011!! Justice #2.

So as I feel blessed and on some type of mission from God! It hit me like no punch I had ever felt before! God gave me the gift of life, a gift to share to all of us who are suffering or in denial, to advocate against what left me for dead--the hidden disease we call domestic violence!

I was too humiliated to go public about the domestic violence at that point, but knew I wasnt healing, I was isolating myself into depression/suicide!

So for me, I had to believe my justice came from God and I needed to publicly break my silence to begin my own healing process ... so ... 19 yrs later in 2014, I finallly released videos that can be found on youtube channel "marlajomason" (you can see one of them at the bottom of this page).

In October, I am amazed at how strong I have become! Only 6 months after I broke my silence with video - we need to watch over and over again! My healing has begun! I'm such a strong woman here for you to make you just as strong as I have become!

In 2015, my 20 yr survival year, I present to you the God-given album to help me advocate against what so many of us suffer from even since we escaped our abuser! God intended me to have life and to give you life, hope and peace thru this special gift!

Please google me or visit my websites.

Buy my album, speak out breaking your silence!

Promote ur healing and say NO MORE!

Buy a gift for someone in need! It may be the hope they need!

We can all come together, make each other stronger and put an end to this evil disease!

Some of us don't get another chance! Paramedics/coroners are always carrying lifeless bodies that just needed a way to finally escape ... they paid the ultimate price!

"Together, Let's Make A Difference!" #tlmad

Together, we will create Marla Jo's Law! Coming soon!!!!!!!

~ Love always Marla Jo


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UK National Domestic Violence Freephone number 0808 2000 247


The Christian woman whose spirit is being crushed by domestic violence is faced with a unique burden. She needs straight answers - not unrealistic expectations or stereotypical platitudes. "Woman Submit!" by Jocelyn Andersen provides straight answers and clear scriptural direction.

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