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The Hump is here and we need Your Help please!
June 26, 2015
Hello Friend

As you will have read read from the previous email sent out, we are at a stage in Hidden Hurt where we have SOOOO many articles, queries and other tasks to do, that it not only is, but actually HAS got to the stage where we NEED to employ another part-time member of staff to help with the backlog and the more automated task involved in running a website.

Quick questions:

- Would you be willing to give you your morning coffee for a week or even a few days?

- Could you maybe go through your attic and sell off a few old bits of junk (to you) but happen to be exactly what someone else wants?

- Have you had an unexpected win or inheritance and feel like using some of this to help support victims of domestic violence?

- Could you spare 50p from your change for a month?

- Organise a boot sale or garage sale with the process going toward combating domestic violence?

- Any good at baking fairy cakes or other creative arts? Why not invite a few friends, family and neighbours round and see what you can raise?

And this is why I am asking:

We urgently need to update our office equipment, office space (though my grandmother - at nearly 93!) is helping financially with that, and we also VERY urgently need another member of staff. While we have just about enough funds coming in to keep the site going, we could seriously do with YOUR help to keep Hidden Hurt growing and being able to continue the work it has been doing for nearly 14 years now. And, not just continue, but improve it! (You would seriously not believe the number of articles waiting for completion which will REALLY help those seeking validation and support - we have been listening and specifically chosen to answer the questions we are most commonly asked!)

If you feel that Hidden Hurt is worth helping on this occasion, then please visit our page at About Hidden Hurt and click on the Donate button - this page also explains all about the history of Hidden Hurt, how it started, what it actually does and our plans for the future.

How is the Crowd-funding Campaing coming on?

Jolly good question!

Basically, it is coming on pretty well, and we are hoping that the crowd-funding campaign will enable us to expand even further. And raise enough funds to be able to start some of the on-the-ground activities which have been waiting in the sidelines for the right moment. Which is VERY exciting!

But the campaign is not ready yet - mainly because the student who were literally putting the whole thing go tether, do not have access to the recording studios during the summer - and though we have a fair number of testimonies already, if you feel your testimony might also be helpful, PLEASE do send it in. Anonymity can be guaranteed, so please do not worry about that!

So What EXACTLY am I asking YOU for?

While we are looking for quite a bit in total (several thousand in fact) ALL we are looking for at the moment is a smaller amount, just to keep us going and progressing over the summer months until the BUG campaign can help us to raise the further funds needed for the larger and in some ways more exciting projects.

So in effect, if each recipient of this email were to donate £5 or $5 or just a little bit more, then our goal would have been achieved and we would be over the moon! IT really is NOT a question of asking you all to dig deep into your pockets and draw out wads of cash (though I think we would be quite delighted if that were to happen!!), but simply the idea that if there are just a lot of you people giving a little bit each, then it would make a HUGE difference in our account! ... hence the question regarding your coffee and stuff stuck in the attic for ages!

Thanks for reading - and obviously, if you have any specific questions, feel free to send me an email at

Lindsey Mason (Creator and web master of Hidden Hurt)

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