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Help Hidden Hurt keep going by providing YOUR experiences of how HH has helped you or a Friend!
April 09, 2015

Hi All

REALLY SORRY - I sent out the previous request with the WRONG TITLE! This has led to some confusion. So HERE is the same message, but this time with the correct title, so hopefully less chance of mix-ups!

Just a very quick mail to request some testimonials for Hidden Hurt.

As reported in the last update, Hidden Hurt is currently experiencing financial difficulties due to the system being rather old and in need of updating). Also Hidden Hurt has GROWN tremendously over the last few years and has reached the stage when we need to expand.

Not only do we urgently need to update our computers and software (and internet access) but we are receiving so many emails that it is time to employ someone on a part-time basis to keep up with all the queries, stories, comments, poems, and articles we receive. (And yes, we have already found someone suitable locally, with the right kind of qualifications and skills to take on this aspect of the site.)

Hence we are in the process of preparing a crowd-funding campaign to raise some of the funds needed to cover our increasing costs, and continue to provide a quality information and support site for victims and survivors (as well as perpetrators) of domestic abuse.

How you can help!

If you are able to help by submitting a testimonial to feature in this campaign, it would be very much appreciated. We are looking for testimonial from survivors, but also from domestic violence agencies and counsellors who refer their clients to Hidden Hurt for further information on abusive relationships.<\i>

We are able to accept anonymous contributions (from survivors) but also testimonials in the form of short video clips from other agencies.

If you feel you could help, then please send any contributions to We will be very grateful for any and all received!

All the best for now and keep well,

Lindsey Mason

PS. If you do not feel able to send in a testimonial but would still like to help Hidden Hurt keep financially afloat, each page on Hidden Hurt contains a DONATE button - all contributions, no matter how small, are gratefully accepted.

Just to give you an idea, if each visitor to Hidden Hurt were to donate just 1£, then we would have raised enough to cover all necessary costs and more within about a fortnight! So seriously, every little bit helps!

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