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Request for Male Victim of Abuse for Radio Documentary
February 18, 2015

Hi All

Just a very quick mail to inform you of two issues:

1) Hidden Hurt is currently experiencing some computer and internet glitches (due to the system being rather old and in need of updating), so please be patient if emails or other communications are not responded to promptly. Also, uploading new material is proving a little problematic, so please have patience with that too.

2) We have received the following email from a final year student looking for a male abuse victim willing to be part of a Radio Presentation. If you are able to help, please contact her directly - if you are not able to get through to her on her telephone number, then I am obviously quite happy to forward any emails directly to her. (email below)

All the best for now and keep well,

Lindsey Mason

Hi there,

I am in my final year studying Broadcast Journalism at the University of Leeds. I am putting together a Radio Documentary about Domestic Violence against men.

I came across 'Hidden Hurt' during my research and believe the website is extremely helpful to any victims of domestic violence.

I wondered if you could help me out - I would really like to speak to a male victim of domestic violence about his experiences, if he is happy to do so. I have read a few of the personal stories on your website and found them very touching.

Please would it be at all possible to be put into contact with any of them? I completely understand the sensitivity and confidentiality of the topic at hand, but would be so grateful if you could assist me.

Kind regards,

Grace Nathan 07500565554

PS. from outside the UK, the telephone number would be +44 7500 56 55 54

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