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Hidden Hurt Update, January 2014 No. 2
January 19, 2014

A quick 'hello' from Hidden Hurt - just wanted to give you the opportunity of getting involved in this project. If it is not your cup of tea, feel free to forward it to others who might be able to help.

We will be in touch soon regarding the 'real' updates and news from Hidden Hurt!

All the best, Hidden Hurt

Appeal to male victims of domestic violence

Are you interested in participating in a radio documentary?

I am a third year student from Canterbury Christ Church University, I am undertaking a radio project in which I hope to outline the issues regarding the treatment of male victims.

In reference to the criminal justice system the way in which males are most likely to be arrested in episodes of abuse in comparison to females. It seems that male victims of domestic violence have yet to be fully recognised. I am appealing to any male victims who have suffered mental or physical abuse from their partner, regardless of gender to be able to share their stories with me in a short chat, in which I will record to go into the documentary.

I can do these interviews in person or over the telephone, preferably in person however, I am more than willing to fit in with the individual. I can edit individual's voices and ensure that names are changed completely.

Amongst appealing for victims, I have been talking to two forensic psychologists in which one is identifying the fundamental issues within society and contemporary culture, whereas the other is from the university of Birmingham and she is just beginning to undertake international research in the ways in which male victims of domestic violence is approached and the way in which awareness could work to impact the way in which male victims are recognised. I am also beginning discussions with a family judge who will outline the legal issues involved in domestic abuse situations. I am extremely keen on raising this issues awareness.

I have previously undertaken documentaries in which have included issues surrounding disability hate crime, in which has been highly regarded by Criminologist Professor Paul Iganski. I am completely aware of the ethical issues surrounding this project and I will do all that's in my power to make sure that individuals will remain completely confidential, unless specified.

It won't take long and I am more than happy to travel to wherever is best for you. I am preferably looking for interviews to take place within the next month, however, this can be open to discussion.

Thank you once again and kindest regards,
Alex Smith

Alexandra Smith
Criminology and Film, Radio and Television
Year 3

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